STC Nutrition SATIELINE - 90 Capsules

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Action-STOP HUNGER CRAVINGS. SATIELINE® contains an extract of Solanum tuberosum innovative, the SlendestaTM (trademark of Kemin ®) with scientifically proven effects on satiety and weight loss.

90 capsules

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Weight control through control caloric intake and balance of power. It is sometimes difficult for big appetites, or for people who can not resist their cravings for snacks. Thanks to its natural active ingredients, SATIELINE® helps reduce appetite.

SATIELINE® is a dietary supplement containing extracts of Solanum tuberosum, Garcinia and Gymnema; Tryptophan and Chrome.

Specially developed with extracts of plants renowned for their complementary effects:

  • Gymnema extract helps to control weight by reducing appetite, cravings for sugars and calories.
  • Garcinia extract also helps control appetite, and may support the effectiveness of a scheme designed to weight loss: hydroxycinnamic acid (HCA) that it contains helps the body turn fat into energy.
  • Beats Hunger And Snacking Cravings
  • Reduces appetite and sugar cravings*
  • Scientifically proven natural active ingredients
  • Increases the feeling of satiety at mealtimes and between meals
  • Reduces hunger pangs and the desire to eat
  • Naturally reduces food intake, to promote natural weight loss

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

† Daily Value Not Established.
Satiereal ®  is a trademark of Inoreal.

Other Ingredients: vegetable capsule (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, copper complex of chlorophyllins (artificial color)).


Qty / 3 cap.



Patented Saffron Extract

(Crocus sativus)

176.5 mg (target dose)




Satiereal® is a patented saffron extract that has been the subject of clinical studies demonstrating its effectiveness on satiety; it therefore encourages weight loss with no frustration.

Unlike most satietogenic ingredients, which make the stomach feel “full”, Satiereal® uses a neurotransmitter, serotonin, that inhibits its reuptake in the brain; in other words, Satiereal® acts on the cause of hunger and of excessive food intake (1):

-       Reduces the feeling of hunger between meals by 84% and compulsive behaviour towards food;

-       Decreases sugar cravings by 78% and reduces snacking between meals by 55%;

-       Reduces food intake in 100% of subjects;

-       Improves mood to eliminate feelings of frustration;

-       Promotes loss of weight in 81% of subjects (up to -3.5 kg in some subjects in 28 days) and centimetres (up to -6 cm around the waist in 4 weeks) as a result.

Extract of Garcinia cambogia


titrated in hydroxycitric acid (HCA)

230 mg



138 mg

Garcinia (its fruit peel) is the only known significant source of hydroxycitric acid. Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of a garcinia extract titrated in HCA on weight loss and body fat reduction. Subjects receiving a garcinia supplement also noted a significant reduction in appetite (2).

Gymnema sylvestris

285 mg


Studies have also demonstrated the synergistic action of an HCA + Gymnema + Chromium combination on weight loss and reduced food intake (3).

Chromium (picolinate)

25 µg

(62.5% RI)

Chromium activates sugar and fat metabolism to promote weight loss, while reducing snacking cravings and helping break down fat reserves to produce energy. In the form of picolinate it is particularly bioavailable, and has given the best results in studies (4).

How to use: Take 3 capsules per day, preferably one before each main meal (1½ hours before), with a glass of water.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Intended for use alongside a balanced diet. Use only as directed. Best before date printed on bottle.

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