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Why switch to French products?

The food supplements and cosmetics you put in your body matter. US drugstores put untested products on their shelves prior to FDA approval. We’re here to change what you put in your body and help you achieve beauty from the inside out.

  • Unlike US products, French supplements are tested for safety before ever going on shelves
  • The European FDA (EFSA) has stricter standards of approval for ingredients
  • Our products are tested independently for quality beyond EFSA’s safety standards
  • Products we chose were designed to create a balance between strength and effectiveness
  • The results are a healthier, happier
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    • mind
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Not Stronger. Better

The food supplement market began in the USA with historic brands such as Solgar or Now Foods around 1940. With a rapid development, bodybuilding champions and pioneers like Joe Weider have also charted their path while paving the way for the future of Sports Nutrition. Today, major US brands like Muscletech, Optimum Nutrition, BPI Sports, Twinlab, Universal and many others still dominate the global food supplement market.

Dietary supplements interest both bodybuilders and sedentary but for different reasons

But ideally, we should clearly distinguish what is part of the supplements dedicated to bodybuilding, mainly focused on physical performance, muscle and strength, from supplements developed in a health concern to provide whole formulations of useful nutrients to the body.

Like a market inserted in another market, the two entities coexist but their clientele is totally different. On the one hand, bodybuilders demand formulas with a high dosage of active ingredients in order to achieve maximum efficiency and fast results, without always worrying about their health in the long term. This kind of excess is often found for most American brands. On the other hand, a large majority of customers want to benefit from advances in scientific research in terms of health, well-being and longevity by enjoying a healthy and balanced life.

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Overdoses and exotic nutrients are incompatible with food security and health

But bodybuilders or not, the body and metabolism of a human being will always remain the same, with real risks of overdose for certain molecules*. The widespread concern about a risk of poorer performance for results that are considered to be too slow to gain in some cases, creates a real risk to health.

This concern is also really often found in the heart of the American culture, a society of performance par excellence or at least, like the ideal that american people seek. This fear, however, has no basis when it comes to sports nutrition or nutrition in the broad sense of the term. It is therefore not justified or justifiable as it is potentially detrimental to the health and quality of life of consumers.

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France shows common sense moderation and nutritional quality in the manufacture of its food supplements

On the other side of the Atlantic, and in France more precisely, cultural ideals are totally different. French culture tends to promote well-being, well-living, the art of enjoying life and, above all, common sense and reason.

At least, it has always been the country of René Descartes and his famous Cartesianism. Centennial culture of well-being, literature and temperance, in France, the very idea of equilibrium is present in our laws and our know-how. Indeed, the French know-how and the quality of what we manufacture is also alive for our brands of food supplements.

Major brands like STC Nutrition or NHCO know that concept perfectly. The quality of the products distributed must be irreproachable while the quantity of each ingredient must be precisely measured to provide optimal nutritional support to the consumer. Quantity and quality of the products are combined to provide optimal nutritional support, without risk to health or overdose. In addition, quality is also synonymous with the absence of ingredients whose safety has not been approved by the legal health authorities in France and in Europe. Actually, most plant extracts whose effects or origin are not known are systematically absent from our nutritional supplements.

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Leading French Brands of Food Supplements respect the health and sports goals of their customers

French dietary supplements will do more than giving you effective nutritional support. They provide you with a real cure of natural components and help you in your sporting and daily life.

Our brands are distributed in pharmacies, guaranteeing a serious medical and nutritional quality for consumers. In pharmacies, customers are usefully advised on the use of the French products and brands they consume, in contrast to what is generally done in the US, where most of the large private companies in the sector are often glad to sell but without the help of a personalized advice. In the same vein, French dietary supplements guarantee maximum safety for all those who refuse the excesses of extreme sports practices such as Bodybuilding or Crossfit but who want to benefit from healthy supplements, properly dosed and adapted to a lifestyle based on health and longevity.

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